02 de October de 2023

What is Darktrace and why is the key Machine Learning

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and companies and individuals must respond quickly to the challenges this implies, with greater responsibility and effectiveness, especially when it comes to cybersecurity.

Today, with the world's major media outlets and large companies discussing Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is crucial to remember that one of these intelligences, specifically Darktrace, has been paving the way through Machine Learning since 2013. Machine Learning is the capacity machines have to learn from scratch about the normal state of a system, the training provided by humans, or, in more advanced cases, through self-analysis of the network.

Behind this development that has been beneficial for companies are brilliant minds of experts in mathematics and cyber defense, a combination that has worked well and continues to improve, thanks to the training and learning capabilities of Machine Learning. This has led them to become global leaders in AI for cybersecurity, with around 9,000 customers, operations in over 100 countries, and a strong network of over 2,000 collaborators.

And precisely this has become a matter of vital importance for companies today. The risks they face are increasingly significant, and cyberattacks can have serious consequences, from data loss to the theft of confidential information, or even the cessation of operations. Therefore, having an efficient security system has become essential, and Darktrace is one of the best options available on the market, with Protactics being the ideal partner to implement it in your business or company.

The rise of Darktrace began around 2018, a year that can be seen as the point when effective development of AI tools occurred.

Darktrace is a platform that uses machine learning to detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time. It is based on innovative technology that mimics the human immune system, allowing it to identify any anomalous behavior in the network and take action to protect it.

Self-learning or Machine Learning are the key words when talking about Darktrace, a system that can identify advanced threats that other security systems might overlook. Furthermore, it can adapt to changes in the network and evolve with it, ensuring constant and effective protection.

Darktrace is based on four basic principles: prevent, detect, respond, and heal. These points have a cross-cutting effect on elements related to the organization or company, whether they are cloud applications, emails, computers, mobile devices, or industrial systems that work with the Internet (OT), such as technologies for managing production processes, among others.

To understand what Darktrace does, you can think of it as an 'agnostic' system that doesn't compete with any of the solutions organizations currently have for their security (firewall, antivirus, EDS, to name a few).

It serves as a 'Big Brother' overseeing everything from the top and crossing transversely, starting with the router boxes that provide Internet. It learns network and user patterns and behaviors.

A clear example of what Darktrace can do is as follows, as explained by Protactics: "At three in the morning, the Director of Human Resources logs into the organization, turns on his computer, downloads the payroll file, and opens an online system page to transfer that information. At that moment, Darktrace identifies that what is happening is abnormal, prevents it from executing, and takes the necessary measures."

In this specific case, Darktrace instructs the firewall to block the page from which the file transfer is attempted, as well as the ports or data transfer systems of the device. It also prevents the person from uploading the payroll file to the cloud and sends a report to the company's cybersecurity department, notifying them of the actions taken and the details of the device from which these actions were performed.

Among the main advantages of Darktrace are:

Early threat detection: By using machine learning, it can detect threats in real-time, even those not yet identified as threats. Rapid response: Once a threat is detected, Darktrace takes immediate action to protect the network and minimize damage. Adaptability: It can adjust to changes in the network and evolve alongside it, ensuring constant and effective protection. Easy integration: It works with existing security systems, meaning it can be used in conjunction with other solutions to enhance network protection.