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Unleashing Excellence: Discover Our Story

We are a Colombian company dedicated to providing comprehensive high-tech solutions for the defense and security of our region.

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FEATURED PROJECTS Innovative Impact: Revealing Our Identity

We stand out for our tireless dedication to excellence and constant pursuit of innovative solutions. Our team of highly skilled professionals demonstrates exceptional ability in understanding our clients' needs and translating them into tangible results.


Securing three seaport terminals in the Pacific.


Implementation of AI solutions in cybersecurity for a law enforcement institutio


Deployment of a secure communication system for a president and their cabinet.

OUR EXPERIENCE Viaje al éxito: nuestra notable experiencia

Journey to Success: Our Remarkable Experience


Years of Experience

Representing and implementing security solutions for our allied brands in Colombia.


Millions of enrolled migrants.

mplementation of an ABIS system for fingerprint, facial, and iris enrollment for identification and standardization.


Compliance with Quality Standards

High quality of our equipment


ALLIES Powerful Alliances: Our Strategic Partnerships

Our allies are the cornerstone of our success and represent an invaluable asset. Not only do they share our vision, but they also contribute their experience, knowledge, and resources to bring it to life through our representation in Colombia.

You cannot build global leadership in non-intrusive inspection solutions without in-country partners like Protactics, possessing an extraordinary operational and strategic structure, and having a long-term vision closely aligned with that of our organization.

LATAM America Sales Director

Protactics' proactive and strategic approach to marketing and selling our products and solutions extends beyond Colombia, proving that we have chosen the best-in-class partner in the region.

LATAM America Sales Director at DERMALOG

Sectus Technologies, una empresa dedicada a ofrecer productos de alta calidad, confía en Protactis como socio clave para brindar soluciones personalizadas para necesidades específicas. Nuestra asociación con Protactis permite ampliar nuestra presencia en la región, ofreciendo una gama de soluciones.

Sales Manager Latino América